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About SoulSpaces Book

What is the book about

Over the years, we have interacted with hundreds of home owners and while they were all excited about designing their space to suit their personality and their lifestyle, they simply had no idea how to go about it. How should they identify their personal style? Or even if they were confident about the style they wanted, how do they communicate this to their interior designer? Which interior designer would be best suited for their particular style? There are so many questions, doubts and concerns that plague home owners. To add to the confusion is the so- called ‘ well meaning advice ’ from carpenters, plumbers, electricians, the nosy neighbor, the concerned cousin and just about everybody! Design flaws are pointed out. Tantrums are thrown. Budgets are stretched, as are deadlines. 
No wonder, many a time, the joy of owning a dream home quickly becomes a nightmare. We believe that designing a home should be a joyous experience for you and your family. Your ideas and thoughts should culminate into a home that is not just all that you dreamt of, but is also functional, practical and in perfect alignment with your personality. And the best way to do this would be to first help you – our reader – figure out your unique, personal style by studying your personality, your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle… basically understand what makes you tick! Once we have clarity about the style best suited to you, we offer you a curated list of some of the most respected designers in India. These specialists will share their ideas and insights about good design and also showcase their work, which can serve as inspiration for your home.
The book Soul Spaces answers all these questions and more!

About: About


Alifia Shabbir

From a stint in curating a Museum in Tanzania, Africa, to passionately advocating on saving the heritage homes of her hometown in Gujarat, Alifia is a a curious sort who loves to pen travelogues and muse about design.


Alifia's two favourite loves are interior design and writing. Armed with a decade plus of experience various facets of interiors, right from designing, to contracting and also working closely with other designers, she always wondered why it was so hard for people to find the right designer to make their dream home come true. This book is a guide in helping home owners understand what goes in making a home and how to choose the right designer who can make their dream come true. 

Currently, she is principal designer of DesignMint, a brand crafted out of the passion that Alifia has for design and sustainability. DesignMint makes bespoke metal art and decor from their factory in Bangalore, India.

Her mission is to bring good design to the hands of the people who need it most- the home owner. After all, good design impacts our life in wonderful ways and a home should be the first place where it should be implemented. 


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